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We at Giving Hope Egg Donation agency know that selecting a donor can be somewhat challenging.

In order to help you along in this process, we feel that you should be able to view our donors at your convenience. So we have designed a program specifically for Intended Parents which allows you to view our free donor database 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our goal is to make the process easy for you, but we need your help in order for us to find an egg donor meeting your unique egg donation criteria.

Please give us your name, the email address or phone number where we can respond to you, and the fertility clinic you are presently working with. We want to find just the right donor for you so we need to know what you’re looking for in a donor. Information that may be beneficial to our agency in the quest to locate the perfect donor for you might include height, eye color, hair color, ethnicity or any other characteristics that may be important to you.

Although you may not see the perfect donor at the time you visit our website, this may simply be because that donor is presently in a cycle or they have yet to join the program. However, if we meet your criteria and feel that we’ve located a potential donor for you, we will email you profiles and photos of egg donors who are in a cycle or new donors who join our egg donation program.

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Please complete our contact form below to receive your access code. This code will allow you to view photos of our donors and read each woman’s individual profile. Each profile gives details of her health history, family health history, interests, hobbies, etc.

If you would like to have a free phone consultation with our director, Cresta Davila, let us know in your message. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you in your search.

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    I couldn't have picked a better agency to work with and I highly recommend Giving Hope to anyone who is searching for a pleasant experience during such a difficult and emotionally trying time.

    Intended Parents, California

    As a single woman, I worried about finding an agency that would be non-judgmental and was happy to discover that this was not an issue. I was also very happy with my choice of donor and am currently awaiting the results of my pregnancy test with great hope.

    Intended Parent, Illinois

    We eventually choose to work with Giving Hope, LLC …not only because they had a great list of high quality donors, but also because of the customer service.

    Intended Parent, Texas
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