Frequently asked questions

What are the fees that will be paid to the donor?

The donor’s compensation will be $5,500-$10,000. Travel expenses will occur only if the donor must travel more than 60 miles to the fertility clinic for testing. The donor will be compensated $25.00 per clinic trip for her mileage by the Intended Parents. You will be responsible to pay up to $500 for an attorney to view the contract with the donor. See also: Intended Parents Fees

If I like a donor can I put a hold on her?

To be fair to you, our donors, and other Intended Parents, you may put a hold on a donor for only three days. After three days the donor will immediately be available for other Intended Parents to view.

Do we have to pay your agency a retainer fee?

No. You are not committed to paying any fees until you have selected your donor.

What are the ages of your donors?

Our donors are between the ages of 20 and 30.

Can I meet the donor?

No. We are an anonymous egg donation agency.

I cannot express how grateful and lucky we feel that we selected Giving Hope as our donor agency. You and made an otherwise difficult decision and process easy for both my husband and myself. To say that our experience was positive would be an understatement. Thank you so much for your dedication, patience and kindness throughout our journey.

S, Intended Parent

My experience with Giving Hope was fantastic! Being a first-time donor can be a little intimidating, but the staff at Giving Hope is with you throughout the whole process. Relax about the injections; they're painless, especially if you ice the area first. I promise. As great as the financial incentive may be, you will find it comes secondary to the satisfaction you get from helping another family. Good luck!

Anonymous, Egg Donor

We were extremely pleased with your services and the personal touch your company provided. The communication was excellent and that is the key in a process like this that means so much personally. Thank you again for your help and please feel free to give my email to anyone who would like a personal reference.

J, Intended Parent

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