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Intended Parent Fees

We want more than anything for your egg donation cycle to result in a positive pregnancy. Our Agency Program Fee is a flat fee and will allow you to select up to 4 egg donors until you reach the egg retrieval with 1 of the 4 egg donors. If your 1st egg donor is unable to complete the egg donation cycle for any reason at any time during the cycle then you can select a 2nd donor, if that cycle is cancelled then you can select a 3rd donor and if that cycle is cancelled then you can select a 4th donor.

Egg Donation Agency Fees

1 fee, 4 donors, and no additional cost:
At Giving Hope number one goal is for you to become pregnant. Our Exclusive Process gives you a best chance at a retrieval. This option allows you up to 4 egg donors with no additional agency fee. Read the paragraph to the left to learn more about this process!

 1 fee, up to 4 donors.

Additional Costs:

Egg Donor’s Fee:
$8,000 – $10,000+
Egg Donor’s Expense Account:
Egg Donor’s Psych Eval & MMPI:
Med Insurance Premium for Egg Donor:
Egg Donor’s/Intended Parent’s Attorney Fee:
$800 – $1,250
Egg Donor Travel (depending on location):
$0 – $4,800

Egg Donors
For First
Couples Diagnosed
With Infertility
Years of

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