Egg Donation Requirements

Earn over $63,000 for 6 donations. 

You can be an egg donor while in college or working full time.

“I completed 6 egg donation cycles with Giving Hope Egg Donation all while working full time and going to nursing school full time.  I was able to help pay for my nursing degree with the compensation that I received. Most of my appointments were actually only about the last 2 weeks just before my egg retrieval. All my appointments were fast.” – Giving Hope- Egg Donor

Egg donors are HEROES to couples who struggle with infertility.

“My egg donation cycle was such an easy and rewarding process! I am so thankful I was picked to help the parents fulfill their dreams of becoming parents! I realized the gift I was giving was not just of my eggs, it was a gift of hope, of humanity, and of a love the parents have longed for so long.” Giving Hope- Egg Donor

How Much Can I Sell My Eggs For?

Per law you cannot get paid to sell your eggs. However, you can donate your eggs and receive compensation for your time and effort.

Egg Donor Compensation

  • 1st  donation  $8,000
  • 2nd  donation  $9,000
  • 3rd  donation $10,000
  • 4th  donation $11,000
  • 5th  donation $12,000
  • 6th  donation $13,000

You will receive an additional $500 expense account.

Will I have To Pay For Any Of The Expenses?

As an egg donor you will not have to pay for any expenses. The intended parents will cover all the costs incurred throughout the egg donation cycle. These expenses include medical costs, insurance, attorney fees, travel (if required) and compensation.

 All of the medical, psychological, pharmaceutical, and other costs associated with egg donation will be funded by the Intended Parents. In addition, you will receive between $8000- $13,000+  compensation per cycle as comparable to the agencies in our area. You can donate up to 6 times.

What is Egg Donation?

An egg donor donates some of her eggs to an infertile woman. This allows the infertile woman to have a baby. Infertile couples can have infertility due to poor egg quality.  Donated eggs from an egg donor help couples become pregnant. They are unable to become pregnant without healthy eggs from an egg donor. Our egg donors feel that donating some of their eggs is rewarding.

“We are soooooo excited, tears going on here, we sooo badly want to grow our family. Thank you and her soooooooo much.” 💗

Egg Donation Steps

Estimated 12 quick appointments.  Your first donation you will make an average of $667 per appointment. Your compensation increases per donation. Most of your appointments will be morning appointments. You can work or go to school while being an egg donor.

Step 1. Application.

Complete your online application with the link that we emailed you.

Step 2. Acceptance/Matching.

Once you are accepted to be an egg donor, your profile/photos will be on our password protected online database. This will allow our couples to view you. Couples will be looking for an egg donor that matches their physical attributes, hobbies, etc. When a couple selects you to become their egg donor you will be matched. You will start the egg donation cycle.

Step 3. Start the Egg Donation Cycle. 1st & 2nd Appointments.

Our amazing reproductive nurse, Beth, will be your case manager throughout your egg donation cycle. She will set up a phone call with you to go over the details of your cycle. She will work with you and the nurse at the fertility clinic each step of the way. Beth is the best in the industry. We are proud to have her on our team to make sure our egg donors are in the best care.

1st Appointment. Medical Appointment. Fertility Clinic.

You will have your initial medical appointment. You will have a physical exam, pap (if you don’t have one in the last 3 years), blood and urine tests and genetic screening. The best part of the genetic screening is that you will know of your genetic history, you will only need to have your genetics test done once, on your 1st donation.

2nd Appointment. Psychological Screening.  ZOOM.

You will have a Zoom call with our egg donor counselor. She will go over the egg donation process with you. She will be asking you about you and your family history of your physical and mental health.  This appointment only done on your 1st egg donation cycle.

Step 4. Egg Donor Legal Contract.  3rd Appointment. Over the PHONE.

Our egg donor attorney will review your legal contract with you over the phone. This contract is to protect your rights as an egg donor with the couple. Once you have reviewed your contract then you will sign it.

Step 5. Medications. 4th-10th Appointments within 2 weeks. Medication.

6th time egg donor at Giving Hope: “My biggest fear about donating my eggs was giving myself shots but after I realized it wasn’t painful it was just a mind game. The needles are so tiny! I tried to picture the intended parents and how excited they probably were at the very moment I was giving myself shots. That helped me a lot. I also heard that using ice helped to numb the area, but I never had to do that since it wasn’t painful.”


For about 10 days you will take injections to prepare your ovaries for the egg retrieval. The injections are tiny and painless. Our nurse will walk you through every step. The injections prepare your ovaries to save the eggs that you would discard with your monthly period and donate them.

Medical Appointments

During the 10 days of medication, you will have 6-7 morning appointments at the fertility clinic. You will have an ultrasound and blood work to monitor the progress of your ovaries. These appointments are about 30 minutes. The appointments are between 7am-10am. You can go to your medical appointments before school or work. Egg donor compensation is for your time of attending to your appointments. You will have plenty of notice of when these appointments will be.

Step 6. Egg retrieval.  LAST APPOINTMENT. Fertility Clinic.

Egg Retrieval.  BIG DAY!!!

On around day 12 your ovaries are ready for the egg retrieval. The egg retrieval is a simple procedure. The fertility physician will use an ultrasound guided catheter through your vagina into your ovaries to remove some of your eggs in your ovaries.

The egg retrieval is performed under sedation, so you won’t feel pain during this process.  Your eggs that are retrieved will be mixed together with sperm to create embryos. Then embryos are then transferred and implanted into the uterus of the intended mother or surrogate.

The egg retrieval procedure takes about 15 minutes and is painless. You may feel a little tired from the sedation and some mild cramping. Some donors do not have any cramping. After your appointment you will be able to go home are rest for the day. You can return to school or work the following day.

The couple is cheering you on! They won’t know you personally, but they communicate to us throughout the egg donation cycle of how incredibly grateful they are for you! Our joy is when the couple express gratitude for their egg donor.

Travel Egg Donation Cycles

You can choose if you want to travel or not. If you are matched with a couple outside of your area you will be required to fly to the city where the fertility clinic of the couple is located at. All airfare, ground travel, meals will be covered. You will need to be gone for up to 10 days while you are on your medication and for the retrieval. You will have weeks of notice of when this will be so that you can prepare your schedule. You will need to have a companion with you for the retrieval. Travel expenses for your companion will be covered. Your companion will share a hotel room with you.


We will mail you your compensation check after your egg retrieval.

A 2015 research review showed that most young adult females have around 400,000 eggs. So, taking an average of 24 eggs per donation cycle for several cycles will leave many to spare for the future.

One of our greatest hopes is that the compensation you receive will open up wonderful doors of opportunity for you in your own life. Many donors use their compensation money to pursue educational goals, travel abroad, donate to charitable organizations or buy their first home. In such cases, egg donation becomes a win-win situation for both the egg donor and intended parent.

Please understand that the compensation does not begin to fully reflect the immense gratitude that the Intended Parents feel. Their deep appreciation and good wishes for the donor continue for many years. This will be an amazing, beautiful experience that you will never forget. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you give the greatest gift of life possible.

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I couldn't have picked a better agency to work with and I highly recommend Giving Hope to anyone who is searching for a pleasant experience during such a difficult and emotionally trying time.

Intended Parents, California

As a single woman, I worried about finding an agency that would be non-judgmental and was happy to discover that this was not an issue. I was also very happy with my choice of donor and am currently awaiting the results of my pregnancy test with great hope.

Intended Parent, Illinois

We eventually choose to work with Giving Hope, LLC …not only because they had a great list of high quality donors, but also because of the customer service.

Intended Parent, Texas
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