Egg Donation Requirements

When it comes to selecting an egg donation agency, we realize that donor compensation is an important factor for egg donors.

All of the medical, psychological, pharmaceutical, and other costs associated with egg donation will be funded by the Intended Parents. In addition, you will receive between $6500- 10,000 compensation per cycle as comparable to the agencies in our area. This payment is for your time and effort through the egg donation process.

One of our greatest hopes is that the compensation you receive will open up wonderful doors of opportunity for you in your own life. Many donors use their compensation money to pursue educational goals, travel abroad, donate to charitable organizations or buy their first home. In such cases, egg donation becomes a win-win situation for both the egg donor and intended parent.

Please understand that the compensation does not begin to fully reflect the immense gratitude that the Intended Parents feel. Their deep appreciation and good wishes for the donor continue for many years. This will be an amazing, beautiful experience that you will never forget. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you give the greatest gift of life possible.

If you have further questions about egg donor compensation, please give us a call!

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"I couldn't have picked a better agency to work with and I highly recommend Giving Hope to anyone who is searching for a pleasant experience during such a difficult and emotionally trying time."

− Intended Parents, California

"As a single woman, I worried about finding an agency that would be non-judgmental and was happy to discover that this was not an issue. I was also very happy with my choice of donor and am currently awaiting the results of my pregnancy test with great hope."

− Intended Parent, Illinois

"We eventually choose to work with Giving Hope, LLC …not only because they had a great list of high quality donors, but also because of the customer service."

− Intended Parent, Texas
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